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Mothers Day

13 May

Today was my first official Mothers Day. Last year I was pregnant with Harper. Being a mommy is the greatest gift of all time.
I woke up this morning, like I do every morning. I got Harpers bottle ready, I went in her room and unswaddled her. And this is what I saw


She originally had on a sleeper. What a surprise 🙂 Then we went into the living room so she could eat. I laid her on the floor to play and I went in to thank Matt. See, a week ago I got myself a Cricut Cake machine. It’s awesome. I assumed that was my Mothers Day gift. Until I walked into our bedroom and Matt had this waiting for me.


I have always wanted one of these!!! What a fantastic husband I have.

Harper was also dedicated at church today but of course I don’t have any pictures of that. Oops!

What a fantastic first Mothers Day!