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Just some sentences

5 Jun

Harper is 6 months old now and here is what she can do: army crawl, barrel roll, wave, pick up grown up food and attempt to feed herself, get up on all fours, throw epic fits when she doesn’t get what she wants, say Yaya, dada, baba and mama (although that one doesn’t happen very often), sits up for extended period of time, starting to transition easier from sitting up to on her belly and she laughs at everything (cousin Chloe is the funniest).

That was one long sentence.

I am attempting to sew a bumper for Harper’s crib so she stops losing her paci in the middle of the night.

Because of the recent boom in my photography business, pretty much all projects have been put on hold.

I am loving the extra cash from said photography business.

We’re going on vacation at the end of the month. Hence the need for extra cash.

Vacation= 5 days of laying by a pool I Tennessee at Grandma Marge’s house.

I have to buy a bathing suit for vacation.


I got a treadmill so running during the day is about to get a whole lot easier to accomplish.

By ‘got a treadmill’ I mean, Tracy got a new treadmill and is giving me her old one.

I have a big big big secret that I’m holding in and I’ve only managed to squeak it out to one person. That is very impressive.

I can’t wait for the 4th of July it’s my all time favorite holiday.

I cracked the screen on my iPhone the other day. I literally almost threw up.

I have to finish editing photos before this weekend. Three shoots and a wedding in three days so if I don’t I’m going to get very backed up and I’d like to be completely done before vaca.

That’s All, Folks.


What could it be!?

21 May

I have been crazy busy editing wedding photos. I’ve been using my moms computer (which is soooo slowww) while mine is getting fixed and it almost seems like I’m not even editing because of how long it’s taking me. And i have another session in line after that. Oh and…our air conditioner stopped working. So hopefully the apartment complex can get it fixed before this weekend. So during all the chaos I decided to make something (two things actually) for Harpers room. I’m in the process of hanging some new things up and rearranging her room (to equate for all the toys that are starting to pile up). So I thought I’d make something(s). What could it be!?


I’m not bragging.

7 May

I want to preface this by saying I am NOT bragging whatsoever. Every baby is different and there are things Harper doesn’t do very well that she should. Like rolling from bell to back. She can do it but not very well.

But my baby can hold her sippy cup and put it to her mouth. She hasn’t figured out how to drink out of it on her own yet. She can drink out of it if I hold it for her, but she doesn’t know she has to tilt her head back to get stuff out.

I am one proud momma!

Double trouble

20 Apr

Today, along with my own little 4 (almost 5!! Whaa??) month old, I have an almost year old. He (I call him J-man) is the sweetest little boy on the planet and just happens to be Harpers baby boyfriend. I watch my nieces with Harper all the time but they’re older (at 6 and 3). Never had another baby at the same time as Harper. But…I can do this! (did I mention he’s the sweetest baby ever!? He really is!!)