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19 Apr

I’m Katy and I can do a lot of things. One thing I cannot do — run. I tried cross country in middle school. Fail. Tried track too. Bigger fail. My dad was a fantastic runner in his younger days. My brother was also great at cross country in school. My mom too, when she was younger.

Apparently it’s a family thing I didn’t get invited too.

But I’m on a mission. I’m on a mission to become a runner.

I have signed up for a 5k called The Color Run. My goal is to run the Mini Marathon next May in Indy.

I’m doing all this by starting The Couch to 5K method. It starts you out slow and you gradually work your way up to running for 30 min. straight…or so it says. I downloaded an app (and paid for it, which I never do) through IT. IS. AMAZING. There’s a trainer that tells you when to jog/walk. It’s a minute jogging, a minute half walk over twenty minutes. My first day was Monday and I ran/walked a 17:01 mile. Haha! So pathetic! My second day was today, and I ran a 16:44 mile.

Well I definitely can improve more. I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress!